Plastasonics Inc. is a customer-driven business based on manufacturing, assembly, packaging, and molding requirements of each customer. We help facilitate the product creation process for our customers from start to finish, with projects both large and small. Our satisfied and recurring customer base ranges from small businesses to multibillion dollar corporations across all varieties of product categories. We pride ourselves on quality, value, on time delivery, and responsive customer service.

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For inquiries, please use our contact us form (also on the right side of the site) or call us directly at(732) 998-8361 Fax: (848)-221-2933 .


Mold Production – Our production processes include injection molding and custom insert molding, as well as thermo set material molding. Utilized materials include polycarbonate, nylon, glass filled plastics, ABS, polypropylene, high density polyethylene and thermo set materials, to name a few.

Mold/Tooling or Repair – Whether based on an existing drawing or one built from the prototyping process, we can build molds for use in general production. Our mold designer and mold maker will work closely with customers to build new molds or repair damaged existing molds. This is typically a 100% Made in the U.S.A. process. While we prefer tooling domestically as it affords us direct and complete control in the process, we can outsource the physical tool development overseas if the customer finds the potential cost difference to be beneficial. In either case, the highest quality of tool development will be maintained.

***We can utilize/adapt existing tooling supplied by the customer.

Mold Guarantee - Based upon customer specifications and requirements, each mold will be guaranteed for a minimum number of cycles. This minimum typically depends on the type of materials utilized in the manufacture of the tool and the molded production.

Prototyping/Design – We frequently work with customers to develop product prototypes for potential production. We accept most widely used CAD drawing file formats and/or can help create CAD drawings with/for the customer. Rapid Prototyping is used to develop physical samples of the product.

Pad Printing – The printing process of transferring 2-D images onto 3-D objects (e.g. using ink to add a logo or text to product). This process ability allows for easy and revisable product customization while avoiding costly engraving/tooling changes.

Hot Stamping – As an alternative to using the ink transfer process of Pad Printing, this dry printing process transfers images or text onto products by utilizing a heated die and thin film to apply graphics of varying complexities

Assembly – We assemble all categories of products, from complex electronics with hundreds of components to motorized items with the need for precision and reliability, as well as simple plastic assemblies with the need for high production output. All of our assembly work is of the highest quality and excellence, performed by trained assemblers.

***Please note that it is not a requirement that we mold the parts in order to perform assembly work. We accept Customer Furnished Material for assembly.

Packaging/Design – Similar to the product design process, we package items according to specific customer and product requirements (including package design, if required).

Ultrasonic Welding – This process uses high frequency ultrasonic acoustic vibrations to melt down materials and create an exceptionally strong weld. It is commonly used for adjoining complex injection molded plastic materials. Our equipment can be easily customized to fit the specifications of the product requiring ultrasonic welding.